BURN A Co-Ed High intensity Fitness Program open to ALL fitness levels.

Bodies Under Renovation No... No Excuses, No Limits, No Shortcuts!


Monday,Tuesday & Thursday

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BURN is a 6-week program (meeting 3 times a week) that utilizes the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) concept which leads participants into high intensity fitness bouts, interrupted by low intensity exercises in the form of resistance training in order to maximize results.

BURN's main key component is VARIETY, consisting of cardio drills, plyometrics, athletic training, body-weight resistance training, compound-muscle weight training, supersetting weight training, stability and endurance training, and core training.

Each week includes a cardio day, weight-training day, and combination day. Each day is a different routine to provide muscle confusion for better results while avoiding adaptation as well as boredom.  However, many of the basic exercises are repeated throughout the different routines so as to allow for consistency and continuity.

BURN participants also undergo a Fitness Assessment, including Body Fat, BMI, waist measurement and a 10-drill Fit Test which are reevaluated at the end of the 6-week program.

Each BURNer also receives an individualized Nutrition Plan with calorie goal and nutrient breakdown to assist them in reaching their goals, whether its weight-loss, toning, or even weight gain.

BURN Classes vary and include such formats as:

Pyro Plyo: 10 Plyometric Drills, lasting one minute each.  After a one minute break, we do it again!

Shred: Light weight interval training with continuous movements, working your muscles while keeping your heart rate elevated.

Hard Core: Abdominal training using weights and cardio drills, incorporating all aspects of the core.

Fire Ladder: 3 sets of 10 Strengthening drills, lasting 45 seconds, that go from standing to floor, to standing again, allowing 15 seconds for transition.

Athletic Drills: Four quarters of everything from football to basketball to boxing.  You will be trained like an athletic champion!

3-2-1: 3 minutes cardio (aerobic, plyo, core), 2 minutes weights (upper body, lower body, combine), and 1 minute of Abs... over and over again with different exercises each time!

Emergency Lane: No parking allowed! Cardio, core, and weight-training all while continuously moving across the floor space.

5X5X5: 5 Exercises, 5 Minutes, 5 times. Exercises include 1 minute of aerobic, 1 minute of plyometric, 1 minute of lower body resistance, 1 minute of upper body resistence, and 1 minute of a light recovery exercise.

PERSONAL TRAINING: A blend of cardiovascular drills, weight training, and agility training.  We use anything from dumb bells, kettle bells, stability balls, and much more!

1 Person - $75/hour
2 People - $50 per person/hour 
3 People - $40 per person/hour 
4 People - $30 per person/hour

I come to you and provide all equipment! Discounts are offered for prepaid plans. Please contact me for special rates for larger groups.

You've been paying gym memberships for years, and that's gotten old. The DVD's you were so excited about have been collecting dust on your shelf. Do something you can stick to and GET RESULTS! Get a group of friends and do it together!Bring the whole family (must be 12 and over. Under 18, must enroll with an adult).