BODY BY MARIA Fitness Programs help you get started, keep going, and reach your goals. With different programs to meet your needs, you'll be sure to find something right for you.

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Body By Maria


Opening this Summer in the brand new Lake Forest Gateway Center, conveniently located directly off of the 5 Freeway, at the Lake Forest Exit.  

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BODY BY MARIA is not about being thin or fitting into skinny jeans (look, I'm Hispanic and I've had two kids... who are we kidding! These thighs aren't going anywhere). Instead, we are about being healthy, strong, and fit. We don't have the magic diet tip or exercise routine that will miraculously transform you. We all have different body types, we are at different fitness levels, and at different stages in our lives. Nevertheless, we can work together, keep each other accountable, and support each other to succeed.

That's what you'll find when you attend a BODY BY MARIA group class. You'll see a college athlete working-out to stay in shape between seasons; a mom working hard to get back into shape; a thin teenage girl trying to get to 5 push ups; a 60-year-young woman smiling as she completes here 20th push up, and everything in between. We will push you and encourage you. We will give you tips to try and advice on what we've seen work and not work. Stop making excuses (Trust me, I've used and heard them all) and do right by you. Register for a program today!

Customers Say...

“When I first signed up for BURN I was scared (just being honest here); I had never worked out like this before or this many times a week. Now three BURN sessions later, I can’t stop…I’m addicted to BURN with Maria! I work full time teaching Junior High at SVCS and have my three Elementary school aged kids in attendance here as well! So just like most of you, I’m a very busy mom. But time must be made for ME as well as all of them!” - Michele Chenault

“I had a hard time being consistent with my workouts, even though my family history makes me predisposed to high cholesterol. When my doctor told me that it was “exercise or medication,” I signed up for Maria’s class. I love the gals that I work out with – they encourage me, keep me accountable, and make me look forward to going to class. And guess what! My doctor is happy too – my cholesterol level has dropped over 50 points! Believe me, if I can do it, so can you.” - Debbie Speik

"BURN motivated me to get physically strong for my pregnancy. I felt healthy, energized and strong as I continued to attend BURN while pregnant through 36 weeks! I have a new baby and BURN is still there for me post-partum! BURN isn't just bootcamp! BURN is a lifestyle!" - Gini Williams